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| March 8, 2016


   If you think running a collision repair shop gets a little bit harder each day, you’re not alone. Shops need every advantage they can get. That includes being able to offer OEM parts on every possible job. GM makes this task far easier with CollisionLink Shop.

Available at, CollisionLink Shop is a free subscription service that connects shops electronically to their local GM dealers. Shops enter estimates into CollisionLink Shop, which immediately begins searching for the Genuine GM Collision Parts for the job.
From there, CollisionLink Shop helps your shop make the case to insurers and customers for going with manufacturer products—with pricing systems designed to provide the most up-to-date, co
mpetitive prices available.

Insights Service picReal Time Pricing and Conquest — Discounts at Your Fingertips

Looking for the best price on Genuine GM Parts? CollisionLink Shop works seamlessly with GM’s MyPriceLink system to list real time, regularly updated market prices on every part.

Want to bump aftermarket parts off an estimate? CollisionLink Shop connects with GM’s parts conquest program, BUMP2.0, to offer over 8,000 GM Parts at competitive prices.

The values keep growing from there, since CollisionLink Shop processes orders faster and more accurately than other means. With the right OE part, shops can improve cycle times and better manage other costs, since they’re using a product engineered to fit right the first time with no need for additional prep work. Shops also get the products best able to return vehicles to pre-accident condition and restore value.
Because repairers are working with GM, they’re assured convenient delivery, first-rate packaging that protects parts during transport and GM’s parts and labor warranty. Throw in the Genuine GM Rewards points earned for each order, and working with CollisionLink Shop is a slam dunk for shops,
customers and insurers.

Get into the game today by starting your no-cost subscription.

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