Michigan Shop Turns GM Parts Purchases into a Chevy Silverado

| March 3, 2016

A Byron Center, Michigan shop recently discovered another benefit of Genuine GM Rewards — they work hard for you even when you’re focused on other tasks.

Judd’s Body Shop was in the process of buying a new 2015 Chevy Silverado when Office Manager Joanne Victory realized she’d nearly forgotten about all the Rewards points the shop had accumulated which it could redeem towards the purchase.

Redemption was easy. “All I had to do was submit the necessary information,” said Victory. It was also a great investment in the future of a business that relies heavily on its pickup truck.

Today, that Silverado and its hard-working 4WD are braving harsh Midwest weather and icy roads to handle all kinds of shop chores.

Collecting Points

So how exactly does a shop tucked away in rural Michigan collect the necessary points towards such a key business acquisition? According to Victory, they make a point of recommending Genuine GM Parts.

“A lot of times customers don’t understand there’s a real difference between parts,” she says. “After we explain their options so they can make an informed decision, a lot of them ask for manufacturer parts.”

“They want what’s best for their investment,” Victory adds.

Judd’s has had similar success convincing insurance companies to opt for Genuine GM Parts. “They know where we stand,” says Victory, who notes the benefits of OEM products that both shops and cost-conscious insurers can agree on.Repair Insights Volt

For one, GM Parts arrive securely packaged to ensure they aren’t damaged in transit and are ready to be installed immediately. They always fit right the first time and don’t require additional labor that can impact cycle times. Coupled with aggressive, competitive pricing, they offer value and peace of mind second to none.

Reward points are just the icing on a cake. Now, these rewards have become a key piece of the ongoing relationship between Judd’s, its GM dealer and GM.

Plenty of local motorists prefer GM products and demand GM Parts. Judd’s latest Silverado is the third vehicle the shop has purchased to take trusted care of one of its specialties—hauling and repairing damaged RV trailers for nearby dealers who count on their repair service.

Judd’s plans to keep this successful cycle moving. When it’s time to invest in another Silverado, Victory says she’ll look at the Rewards points again.
“This time, we’ll be keeping a closer eye on them,” she laughs.

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