Great Grilles Come Pre-Primed!

| December 7, 2016

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Front Grille Assembly replacements for the latest Chevrolet and GMC trucks are making a statement.

Repairing/replacing grille and grille related components on Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra light-duty trucks is a whole lot simpler with GM’s new primed grille kits, featuring ready-to-paint grille bezels.

Component kits aid technicians in providing an invisible long lasting repair as loose parts mean the painter can wrap/coat edges to improve topcoat longevity and performance. The kits also improve throughput by eliminating the need to mask off grille areas prior to painting the bezels or surrounds, making installation to the inner grille assembly easier than ever. Grille components also easily attach to the inner mesh assembly with the help of alignment pins and a few locking tabs, along with reinforcement fasteners.

Complete kits save time and yield great looking results!

The kits contain all parts required to replace body color painted grille assemblies. Both Silverado and GMC kits contain an inner mesh assembly, all necessary fasteners and an instruction sheet. Silverado kits include primed top, center, and lower bezels, while GMC kits include a primed outer surround. “We continue to improve every day on great products,” says Randall Prusaitis,
GM CCA Advanced Serviceability of Design Engineer, for Bumpers, Fascia, Grilles, and Aero Shutters. “We’re proud to offer these new, innovative primed grille kits as a way of ensuring that grille repairs or replacements requiring painting are done as efficiently and correctly as what was done in production.”

GM also offers several different Chromed Grille designs that are bringing a fresh look to an already great truck.The new pre-primed kits are just one more example of General Motors commitment to meeting and exceeding the expectations of customers, dealers and collision repairers.


1. Prep and finish the bezel surround as required.





2. Install the 4 J-nuts into the 4 corners of the bezel as shown.





3. Install the bezel to the grille assembly. Note: (2) locating pin on the bezel surround will ensure correct positioning. The bezel surround has (2) several tabs to be pushed through and snapped
into position on the grille assembly.





4. Install the 4 bolts through the 4 corners of the grille assembly to the bezel surround and tighten.





5. Install the completed grille assembly with bezel surround to the vehicle. (Refer to the service manual.)


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