Shop Managers Clean Up With Genuine GM Rewards

| December 7, 2016

For anyone who may have been trapped on a desert island the last seven years, Dyson vacuums are high-end cleaning tools prized by consumers looking to create ultra-hygienic living spaces. Equal parts engineering marvel, luxury item, and functional art piece, the super-popular sweepers have created a mini-revolution in innovative home goods.

Shop owner shares rewards with employees

When Eric Malicoat, owner of Hornor’s Frame and Collision in Monett, MO, offered hard working shop managers Jena and Devin Debes the opportunity to redeem GGMR points, a Dyson was an easy choice.

“The owner said ‘get something you need,’ and it was a terrific deal for a vacuum that costs $650,” says Jena.

“We have two dogs at home, a dachshund and a Great Dane — a miniature pony,” she laughs. “It works great. We’re really happy.” Jena says, “I am happy that Genuine GM Reward Points are so easy to collect and use.” GM sends regular emails with point totals, and she can log into the Rewards website ( anytime to search for future redemptions. Earning
points also is simple, especially when GM steps in to ensure Hornor’s gets the best possible deal on top quality, factory parts.

“Our local GM Dealer is great at price matching parts so they are competitive with the aftermarket,” says Jena. “Our employees prefer to use OE Parts since, among other things, they just fit better.”

Since Hornor’s operates in farm country, where GM trucks abound, the shop has lots of opportunities to use Genuine GM Parts. That translates into happier workers and customers and a growing Rewards point total that’s creating something of a stir around the business. Jena says her boss currently, a dedicated “duffer”, is eyeing golf accessories.

Amy Hartley, GM CCA wholesale channel associate, notes, “Genuine GM Rewards provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity to pick up items that may otherwise be a bit of a splurge. With a variety of luxury items to choose from — including Coach and Bose, just to name a few — there is something for everyone in the Rewards catalog,” says Hartley. “It’s nice to see Shops rewarded for their loyalty in buying and installing Genuine GM Parts.”

Regardless of how her shop uses its points, Jena praises the Rewards program for carrying with it an important extra — a message Hornor’s takes to heart. “It shows GM really does appreciate our business,” she says. “That matters a lot.”

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