Connect and Cruise deal opens the door to imagination and savings

| March 15, 2017

There are deals that attract your attention and there are others, so good you want to share them with anyone—everyone, especially those looking to build a one-of-a-kind ride. The latest Connect and Cruise promotion falls squarely into that second category.

From now till the end of 2017, every available Connect and Cruise kit purchase qualifies for a $500 or $750 prepaid VISA gift card.  

That includes all Automatic Fuel Injected Crate and Manual Powertrain systems, along with GM’s latest entry in the challenge of squeezing more performance from each cubic inch—Automatic Carbureted Powertrain kits, unveiled in November at SEMA.

The expanding Connect and Cruise portfolio means even more combinations of small block, big block, and LS engines; transmissions and other critical parts that can be dropped into an ever-growing range of stock, hot rod and other vehicle applications. Anywhere your imagination goes, Connect and Cruise can take you.  Getting there is easy since installations are always a breeze.

Connect and Cruise kits arrive with what is needed for a successful build, so you don’t have to search for parts. Transmissions also are ready to go, no programming necessary. Should customers desire some extra flexibility, though, some kits are tunable to meet their needs.

“Connect and Cruise takes the guesswork out of an installation,” says Curt Collins, Associate Manager Chevrolet Performance. “They’re complete systems that come calibrated and ready to go.” They also make optimal use of GM technology. “Our engineers know our products so they can put together the ideal combinations of engines and transmissions for the best possible performance,” adds Collins.

That work continues as GM cooks up new systems for 2017 and beyond, so stay tuned. In the meantime, help customers collect their rebates on current kits with these steps:

Go to and submit your rebate claim online. or, Print out a rebate form and:

  1. Fill in all information accurately and legibly.
  2. Make a clean, legible copy of the Invoice/Purchase Order, with the purchase circled and the dealer identification included.
  3. Mail the Invoice/Purchase Order and the form to:

Connect and Cruise Powertrain Rebate

Offer Number 66016, PO Box 6970

Mesa, Arizona 85216

Forms must be submitted by January 31, 2018.

Rebate status can be checked at

Customers can count on Connect and Cruise kits to keep rolling long after the rebates arrive. Systems carry a 24 month/50,000 mile parts and labor warranty. That’s some serious peace of mind that can make spending those gift cards even more enjoyable—just when it seemed this deal couldn’t get any better.

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