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| March 15, 2017

Review the following repair scenario and try to spot the potential serious mistake the shop makes.

A 2010 Chevrolet Silverado sporting a major side impact is delivered to Ace Collision Repair in the late afternoon on a Monday. A damage analysis employee finds time near the end of the day to perform an inspection and write up an estimate while focusing on using aftermarket parts. The customer/insurer agrees with the numbers. Later that week, parts are delivered; the shop completes the work and turns the vehicle over to the owner the following Tuesday.

Catch the big problem?

Go back to the focus on aftermarket parts. Many shops expect the aftermarket to offer the best prices, thereby overlooking OEM competitive pricing, along with the superior quality and fit, and customer preference for manufacturer products. Conducting business this way may “get the job done,” but it also can cost shops significantly in cycle time. There’s a potential loss of time, efficiency, productivity, money and customer satisfaction, all of which could have been prevented if the shop had considered OEM online parts procurement.

It’s time to get to know CollisionLink (, a one-stop site for pricing, ordering and procuring OEM collision parts for all makes and all models in the automotive industry.

CollisionLink’s benefits could be helping your shop right now.

Convenience. Sourcing OEM is too often a challenging endeavor that can force shops to spend time on the phone asking for price quotes and checking dealer inventories. That complicates efforts to schedule work and hit peak productivity. CollisionLink can help eliminate all these hassles with immediate pricing and availability checks.

With CollisionLink, dealers are able to competitively price 70% more on orders for shops. This allows shops to use more OE parts helping them to improve cycle time on repais. (Sara Wojtowicz, associate product manager at OEC)

Savings. Along with potentially saving time, CollisionLink can cut parts costs. When you export an estimate, CollisionLink automatically notes any parts that offer special OEM discounts. From there, you can transmit the estimate to your preferred dealer who can price match any of the remaining aftermarket parts.

CollisionLink works with OEM Conquest Parts Programs designed to help shops buy more manufacturer parts. Currently, 14 OEMs participate in these programs and offer tens of thousands of high-volume collision parts qualifying for discounts. CollisionLink also works seamlessly with GM’s MyPriceLink helping to ensure Market Prices are up to date.

Ease of use. Register online, create an account, and CollisionLink is ready to go.  From there, simply export a copy of the estimate. CollisionLink takes care of the rest. CollsionLink also allows part searches using a VIN or vehicle year, make and model. No training is required since CollisionLink is designed to work intuitively, allowing employees to quickly locate the information they need.

Accuracy. Locating all the parts needed for a repair, while avoiding nonessentials that would have to be returned, can waste time and money. The CollisionLink VIN verification feature helps reduce part returns by providing immediate part fitment information to dealers.

Quality. By ordering OEM parts, you can get top-of-the-line collision parts engineered to fit right the first time and provide the performance for which a vehicle was designed. OEM parts can also provide durability and warranties helping to give both the customer and shop peace of mind for the long term.

Competitiveness. Surviving in the collision repair industry gets a bit tougher every day as multi-site operations continue to grow and training, equipment, and other expenses rise. Thousands of shops already are using CollisionLink to help cut time, stay compliant to insurers and provide superior customer service with top quality repairs produced by using OEM parts. Some of them, undoubtedly are your competitors.

Now consider how the daily repair scenarios at your shop could improve simply by adopting the same tools the rest of the industry is moving to. Great parts, great pricing, quick service, high productivity and happy customers. This isn’t just some pipe dream. It’s the way the industry is doing business outside your windows today—the same way you could be right now.

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