GM engineering explains why and when rivet bonding is necessary

| October 6, 2017

Why Rivet Bonding?

In the collision repair business, understanding why a repair is performed a specific way can be just as important as knowing when and how to do it. GM’s Bob Hartman—who works on the Advanced Serviceability of Design for Body Structure—explains the need for rivet bonding.

Rivet Bonding is used to replace spot welds when Impact Resistant Structural adhesive is required and there is no access for Resistance spot weld equipment. When the adhesive is required, Mig
plug welding or Mig Brazing cannot be used to replace factory spot welds. So the only option to replace factory spot welds with adhesive is to use resistance spot welding with adhesive if accessible,
or use Rivet bonding when RSW is not accessible.

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