Request… GRANTED! GM Now Offers Vehicle Certification Labels.

| November 29, 2017

You spoke, GM listened. GM has begun producing Genuine GM certification labels through their service organization. A common casualty of collisions, especially those near the B-pillar or driver’s door, this label lists information drivers and auto service businesses frequently turn to—namely, the VIN, axle weights, and tire size and pressure, as well as potential regulatory information. Previously, once this handy label was damaged in an accident, repairers and motorists had no choice but to seek a replacement from a third-party vendor.

“Those labels weren’t licensed to include the GM logo and watermark that customers wanted,” explains Nate Epperly, GM Collision Product Specialist.

That’s all changed. Shops can order the unique certification label for a GM vehicle in two easy steps:

Contact your GM dealer and request a label. Provide the dealer with three photos:
• Certification label
• VIN plate under the windshield
• Tire/Wheel label featuring the VIN

Labels generally take 72 hours to be processed with valid security photos.

Once the new label is attached, the vehicle is returned fully to pre-accident condition, right down to the smallest detail. In an era when many folks are more focused on speaking, it’s nice to know
that companies like GM still listen. So what else can GM do to make your job easier and better satisfy your customers?

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