Label Lookup – QR code replaces GM SPID label

| June 1, 2018

QR code replaces GM SPID label

Locating the Service Parts Identification (SPID) label too often has been a troublesome task that costs shops precious cycle time. GM has eliminated this chore by replacing the SPID with a QR Code providing consistent and immediate access to accurate paint and other vehicle information.

Available on some 2017 GM products and all 2018 model year GM vehicles, the QR code is located on the federally mandated Certification Label, which is adhered to the driver side B pillar. “It provides a more robust way of reliably delivering critical information,” says GM Lead Service Engineer Bob Hiser.

The QR code can be read using software widely available on smartphone devices, either free or for a nominal fee. Many can email the QR data if a copy is retained for records.

Shops also can scan the code with an OPTICON Bluetooth Companion Scanner (2D Imager) tool number PX-20 (available for purchase from The scanner works with a USB cable or connected via Bluetooth to a laptop.

Once scanned, information displays on a smartphone or laptop in the following order: VIN, Model Year, Model, Build Month, Year, Engineering Book, Vehicle Order Number, 3 Digit RPO Codes sorted alphanumerically and the Paint Code (Note: Commas are inserted here to separate information). RPO descriptions aren’t included in the code reading but are available in the vehicle service manual under General Information.

Also available from the code reading is improved access to information on interior colors. Hiser notes that once the exterior paint color code displays, shops can determine the exact interior hues using color
compatibility charts available either from paint manufacturers or from GM at

Locating exact information in a timely matter — that’s one of the keys to efficient repairs, now made easier with some help from GM.

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