| January 2, 2019

As vehicle complexity evolves, performing safe and proper repairs have become more challenging. The GM Collision Repair Network (GM CRN) offers a comprehensive collision program that incorporates the highest industry standards for its members ensuring they have correct tools, equipment, and training.

Powerful Support to Drive Business Your Way
Coming in 2019, your shop could appear in the Collision Repair Network locators on GM websites – making it easier for customers to find your business. Collision event referrals from OnStar will drive customers to your shop.

Access to Tools for Safe and Proper Repairs
• Support for estimating and repair planning process
• Access to full GM recommended repair procedures helps keep you compliant
• Documentation available to all stakeholders – including insurers – to support a safe and correct repair process

Satisfying Customers
Your business will be recognized for adhering to GM program standards that are among the highest in the industry. The GM CRN is built on current GM training and tools-focused programs while adding standards for pre- and post-repair scanning, repair procedures, calibration, and customer service processes. Your business will maintain GM brand loyalty for customers while helping to provide a positive experience during a difficult time.

Ready to Enroll? Here’s how.

  1. Visit
  2. Click “For Professionals,” then select “Collision Repair Network”.
  3. Access “CORE Program Requirements” and “Tools and Equipment List”.
  4. Click the ENROLL NOW button to indicate your interest in joining
    the GM Collision Repair Network.

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