| January 2, 2019

Heeding the logic “go where the customers are,” GM Collision joined the growing ranks of first-time exhibitors at SEMA looking for new ways to reach out to the folks who use their products and services every day.

SEMA turned out to be the ideal locale to engage an energized customer base that knows the value of OE repair instructions. Indeed, the common thread tying together GM’s booth display and activities, along with input from customers, was the need to consistently perform safe and proper repairs.

Latest OE repair information and programs met an enthusiastic public

Robert Gollehur (General Motors) reviews the new Front End Engineered Support Kits with international
attendee Abdiel Alfaro with Apex Auto Body from Hinton, Alberta, Canada.

Gathering particular attention were the procedures used to correctly perform front and rear sectioning. Sectioning has been a much-debated topic in the repair industry since the mid-1990s when shops first raised alarms about the safety of what was once a common procedure. The use of high strength and ultra-high strength steel throughout frames meant repairers could no longer cut and weld (with extreme heat) without potentially compromising the performance of vehicle safety systems during a collision.

Manufacturers like GM came to the rescue with detailed repair procedures that allowed shops to correctly diagnose and perform this work. As GM has continued to upgrade vehicle frames to make them lighter and stronger, it also has continued to provide updated repairs describing the use of spot welds, adhesives and rivets.

Robert Varunda and Derek Taggart from Robert’s Collision and Repair in Noel, Missouri stopped by the GM Collision booth at SEMA.

GM’s new Collision Repair Network also proved to be a popular SEMA subject with shops requesting additional information, including the steps to begin enrollment (read the GM Collision Repair Network article for more information).

Adam Dettloff (General Motors) reviews the new GM loyalty program my GM Partner Perks with a SEMA show goer.

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