In the fast-paced collision repair environment, being able to rely on the latest software and industry expertise is crucial. Participants in GM’s Customer Repair Network (CRN) can now benefit from the addition of the asTech diagnostic device to its portfolio of tools that help with the scanning and calibration of vehicles.


The asTech tool is a communication interface that runs GM diagnostic software (GDS2 and/or Tech2Win) remotely. This patented device — supported by the knowledge of certified master technicians and the GM TechConnect service information with the correct RPOs for the vehicle — is another item that works to search for, identify and resolve the various Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) that result from collisions.


asTech joins a list of other CRN-approved vendors that includes AirPro Diagnostics, Drew Tech and Mitchell Diagnostics.

“Access to the latest GDS2 updates is critical to promote safe, proper repair, especially in a collision when the diagnostic concerns may not be immediately known through visual inspection,” says Chris Blackmore, Collision Program Manager for CCA.

With this updated portfolio, CRN technicians can diagnose the concerns of many makes and models. And, shops won’t have to purchase and use new tools and equipment for each OEM they service. The asTech device also provides documentation for every scan that’s performed.

“Shops could see improved efficiency, increased control, more guaranteed completion dates and a loyal customer base,” Blackmore says.

ABCs of DTCs

General Motors holds the position that all its vehicles being assessed for collision damage repairs be tested for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs).

And the method for correctly identifying those DTCs is through the use of GM-specific diagnostic software such as GDS2 or Tech 2/Tech2Win — each of which is supported by the newly certified asTech tool. The software can scan a vehicle for all DTCs in one operation.

Any repairs not following published GM collision repair procedures may result in erroneous DTCs and expose vehicle owners and occupants to unnecessary risk. GM collision repair information is available through a GMSi subscription.