As with any field, when it comes to collision repair, it’s best to work smarter than harder.

To help you do just that, ACDelco Training is offering a fresh roster of virtual collision training courses for 2021.

With subjects ranging from electrical and chassis systems to aluminum welding repair to post-collision work on tires and wheels, the courses show you the ins and outs on these informative topics while offering valuable tips along the way — all without leaving your service facility.

Courses are available as virtual seminars, which are three-hour training events delivered in two sessions, and virtual InShops, which are one-hour, instructor-led courses targeting a specific repair or procedure. (See list of courses below.)

Course Title – Collision Skill Area Course Number
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems WCL0101V1
Aluminum Welding and Repair W-SR04-01.01V1
Bolted Body Panels W-NR03-02.01V1
Post Collision – Brake Inspection and Repair W-EM05-10.01V1
Post Collision – Power Steering Inspection and Repair W-EM05-11.01V1
Post Collision – Tires and Wheels W-EM05-12.01V1
Structural Steel Welding and Repair W-SR04-02.01V1
Supplemental Restraints – Service and Repair W-ST10-01.01V1

The content of all this virtual training lends itself to participant interactivity, and scheduling is flexible due to the nature of the delivery method.

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