With many of today’s newer GM vehicles coming equipped with Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) — such as Ultrasonic Blind Spot Detection, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and others — when a bumper fascia repair is needed on such vehicles, GM recommends replacing the item instead of repairing it.

That’s because ADAS-equipped vehicles rely on long- and short-range sensors mounted behind bumper fascias that can detect objects from 96 to 656 feet away.

Fortunately, GM Genuine Parts offers ADAS-equipped bumper fascias that are not only tested and validated together as a safety system, but engineered to deliver the same reliable performance as those originally installed on the vehicle. Using GM Genuine Parts and following GM repair procedures helps ensure that vehicle safety systems function properly and that the vehicle is returned to pre-accident condition.

A front fascia, viewed from behind.
(The highlighted yellow parts are the radar systems.)


Aftermarket new bumper fascias, on the other hand, may not have been designed or tested to operate and perform as intended by GM and may utilize different material or have a slightly different configuration that could hamper the effectiveness of the safety system. And used salvage parts may have been subjected to use and storage conditions never considered by the manufacturer. That’s why GM does not approve the use of aftermarket, reconditioned, or salvage bumper fascias on vehicles with these high-tech safety systems.

Using only GM Genuine replacement bumper fascia parts reduces cycle time and provides assurance that driver assistance systems will perform as designed and intended.

The one exception to the “replace versus repair” rule involves primer and topcoat finishing. This practice is acceptable as long as the total paint thickness applied to any portion of the bumper fascia does not exceed 13 mils. (An appropriate paint mil gauge should be used to determine this.)

Any repairs for gouges, tears or damage that use substrate repair material or reinforcement tapes, however, must be avoided. For complete GM Position Statement information, CLICK HERE.