All 2017–2021 Camaros equipped with the 1LE Track Performance Package (RPOs A1X, A1Y or A1Z) include a vinyl hood wrap that will eventually require care and cleaning. In some situations, a replacement may be in order should damage or excessive wear occur.

These black wraps are composed of a matte-finished vinyl material and can be damaged if not properly maintained.

Some of the most common concerns — smudges or stains — usually result from either fingerprints, improper cleaning practices and/or leaves or debris that remain on the car and create an outline in the vinyl. Small rips or other physical damage may occur as well.

If damage is found on a wrap, first clean the hood before taking any other action. Handwashing the wrap with water and a mild detergent is recommended. Then, immediately rinse the vehicle and dry the graphic with a soft squeegee and/or soft cloth to help restore its luster.

And, while touchless car washing systems may be used, always go through the drying cycle to avoid water spotting on the graphic. To remove tar and bugs from the graphic, use a commercial cleaner designed for such use, but avoid rubbing vigorously. Then, wash immediately with a mild detergent/water solution, rinse with water and dry.

If the problem remains and it’s determined that a new hood wrap is needed, the 1LE Hood Wrap Decal can be obtained through your GM Parts supplier. All 1LEs use the same part number: 84406072.

Note that when applying the new wrap, it will be necessary to cut the holes in it to accommodate any hood vents or heat extractors. In addition, it must be installed by a certified “wrap” technician.

For additional details, see Doc #PIC6254E in Service Information.