GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco parts can sell themselves with their reputation of quality, reliability and durability. That said, it doesn’t hurt to periodically offer an incentive to attract new customers or recognize existing ones.

That’s the thinking behind various trade offers presented to independent shops throughout the year. Jeff Walls, Promotions and Incentive Manager for Aftermarket, develops an annual promotions calendar based on a variety of factors. “Our team looks at what sold the year prior and the parts that our audience hasn’t taken advantage of,” he says. “We also get feedback from dealerships that are selling to the shops and run our ideas by the product managers and distributors.”

Offers made to independent shops usually are grouped in three categories:

  • The first is national promotions, available to any facility, which are seasonal in nature and focus on maintenance items. In the first quarter of 2022, items featured in promotional offers (in the form of mail-in rebates) include antifreeze, oil, wipers and door handles. These have been mailed to shops as well as featured in the Insights e-newsletters and magazines — and my GM Partner Perks members enjoy the maximum value of the benefits.
  • The second category involves shops that order parts through our web portals RepairLink, CollisionLink, and CONNECTION. They can benefit from online turnkey promotions that are based on the number of parts they buy. For example, in the first quarter, shops that increase their purchases by 10 percent over a prior-year period could earn a $50 prepaid gift card; that offer could double if purchases go up by 20 percent.*
  • Private offers are the third grouping that targets independent shops. With these, Walls and his team look at those facilities that have not bought from select categories in the last six months or so, and send them an exclusive offer.

Along with promotions targeting independent shops, Walls and his team also oversee the distribution of aftermarket consumer offers, which the facilities can build into their services for customers for another value-add. Among the consumer rebates in-market through July 2022 include those on oil and fuel filters along with cabin and engine air filters.

Whatever the offer, encouraging shops to purchase GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco parts has a dual effect. “Not only are they getting quality parts at a competitive rate, but they will be installing them in their customers’ vehicles, which should lead to more satisfied owners,” Walls says.

*Existing customers who purchased a minimum of $1,000 in GM Genuine Parts or ACDelco parts during January through February 2021.