2018–2021 Buick Enclave, 2017–2021 Cadillac XT5, 2020–2021 XT6, 2018–2021 Chevrolet Traverse, 2019–2021 Blazer, 2017–2021 GMC Acadia

Some customers with the above vehicles may point out one of the following issues:

  • When the power liftgate is opened from a fully closed position with either the key fob, the interior switch or the touchpad, the liftgate may stop after opening only slightly (usually not more than 15 inches from the closed position).
  • The power liftgate is inoperable when trying to close it with the key fob or interior switches.

In addition, technicians may find DTC B153F set in the power liftgate module.

The problem may stem from the male terminals in the liftgate object sensor connector to the liftgate harness being dimensionally unstable and/or misaligned, causing intermittent electrical contact.

Important: Do not replace the liftgate power assist actuator or the power liftgate ECU before first inspecting the connector as a possible cause of the condition.

To correct the problem:

  1. Verify the liftgate condition.
  2. Remove the liftgate’s upper-center and upper-side trim finish panels enough to access the B71L Liftgate Object Sensor–Left (TB5/TC2) or the B71R Liftgate Object Sensor–Right (TB5/TC2) connectors (1).

Refer to Liftgate Upper Side Trim Finish Panel Replacement in Service Information (SI).

  1. Disconnect the liftgate harness and liftgate object sensor connectors.
  2. Inspect the liftgate object sensor male in-line connector for any bent or misaligned terminals (1) and straighten them, if necessary.
  1. Reattach the connectors and verify proper power operation of the liftgate opening/closing.
  2. Reposition the liftgate harness and reinstall any trim finish panels that were removed.